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Student Performance allows teachers and instructional managers to generate reports and access instruction-focused data. There are dashboard views with details for each section, indicating the standards covered, students enrolled, and student mastery of each standard (according to the various assessment tests administered). You can report on student benchmarks for any assessment items that are aligned to a core set of standards. You can also create and add students into a student group.
All features may be viewed at the section or course level. The level of information that is available on the report depends on the role to which you have been assigned. For more information, see Role and Performance Data.
Student Performance includes two dashboards to view student performance on tests, Benchmark Dashboard and Classroom Test Dashboard. Use the filters to locate tests by test category, subject, or grade range.
To view Student Performance
  1. 1. Go to Classrooms > Student Performance.
  2. 2. Use the Section Chooser to locate tests. Administrators can select Region (if applicable), Institution, Teacher, and Section. Teachers can select sections.
  3. 3. Click a test name to see detailed performance information and access Item Analysis, Skills Analysis, Standards Mastery, and Trends.
  4. 4. You can filter results by Test Category, Subject, and Grade.
  5. 5. Click Show fewer/more tests narrow or widen the results. See the Logic dropdown below for details.
Overview of Student Performance tabs
Student Performance may include the following tabs depending on how your system is set up:
  • Benchmark Dashboard Allows you to view data related to Benchmark tests.
  • Classroom Test Dashboard Allows you to view data related to Classroom tests (i.e., tests created and administered by a teacher to their own students or sections and administration-assigned or –recommended tests for which data is not aggregated at the district level).
  • Item Analysis For any benchmark, classroom or standardized test, see the selected answer each student and the standard that it is aligned to the question. This tab is hidden if your district does not have benchmark reporting.
  • Skill Analysis View student performance on each standard assessed during the year.
  • Standards Mastery View specific course standards to see how many times they have been addressed (or scheduled), and student’s collective mastery on recent assessments or course standards as measured by those assessments. (
  • Student List: View the students enrolled in each of your classes. Each student has an individual Student Profile which you can use to track a student’s academic progress, special needs, etc.
  • Student Analysis: Analyze student data using demographic and other data. You can create a multi-column Analysis Spreadsheet and export the data to another application.
Test display LOGIC for the Benchmark & Classroom Dashboards
The Benchmark Dashboard displays any test that was taken by a student with an enrollment in the selected section, regardless of the section the test was actually taken in. If Show Fewer Tests is selected, only tests that were actually taken in the selected section are displayed.
For tests in the Common Classroom category, the Classroom Test Dashboard displays any test taken by a student with an enrollment in the selected section. For personal tests (such as My Classroom), only those tests actually taken in the selected section are displayed. If Show Fewer Tests is selected, only tests actually taken in the selected section for the Common Classrooms are displayed as well.
This means that you will be able to see any of your students' Common Classroom tests regardless of whether they were taken in your section. For My Classroom, you will generally only be able to see your own tests because other teachers can't assign their My Classroom tests to your sections. Note that if you have the permissions to select other teachers' sections from the Section Chooser, you will be able to see their My Classroom tests.